Vino bianco dolce di colore giallo oro brillante. Profumi intensi e complessi, emergono i fiori di campo, l’albicocca e la pera matura, la frutta candita, i fichi secchi. Sapore avvolgente, con un equilibrio tra dolcezza e acidità. Da servire a 12°/14°.

Vine: Picolit grapes 
Production Area: Buttrio in Monte (180 m a.s.l.) 
Soil Characteristics: eocene hills, tipically marnous soil
Growing System: 12 buds Guyot
Yeld per Hectare: 6 hl
Grape Harvest: manual harvest and selection 
Alcohol: 12.40% vol.
Total Acidity: 5.80 gr./lt.
Sugar: 135.00 gr./lt.
pH: 3.75
Malolactic Fermentation: no
Overall Production: 500 bott. of 0.5 lt each 
Type: sweet dry
Colour: golden yellow
Bouquet: intense and delicate bouquet of wild flowers with hints of dry fig and ripe apricot
Taste: not exceedingly sweet, with notes of ripe fruit (apricot, pear), dates and dry fig
Serve With: herbal cheese, foie gras


Dried to raisins for 40 days before pressing; after fermentation, 12 month aging in small oak barrels